Ellen Hopkins


I wish I could visit every school for free, but unfortunately school/library visits are an important part of most authors’ income streams, and time spent in schools is time away from my writing. If budgetary constraints are a problem, I will do my best to work with you to create a mutually satisfactory arrangement. Please remember that I live in Northern Nevada, so fly out of Reno. Most visits require a day of travel to wherever I’m appearing, a day there, and a day to travel home.


Although I’m best known for writing young adult fiction, I also write for adult readers and now have moved into middle grade fiction. Additionally, I was a freelance journalist, and have published twenty nonfiction books for young readers, short stories, and a lot of poetry. I can work with younger populations as well as high school students. I can talk about:


• The stories behind my stories, including the challenges involved. As my YA deals with “choices,” I can speak about making better choices. Often drug programs will team up with you to bring me in.

• The writing/publishing process.

• Learning to write better, whether that’s poetry, nonfiction, fiction, or even journalism.


Together, you and I can create a program that suits your kids, whoever, wherever they are.


My regular honorarium is $3500 per day for up to three presentations (assembly, classroom workshops, or a combination), plus travel. If I can arrange more than one visit on a single trip, travel is negotiable.


It’s good to have books available for your kids to purchase, and my publisher offers a large discount for author visit copies. Or your local bookstores may offer discounts as well.


I realize author visit funding can be an issue. Here are some resources to help with that:






When we settle on the date for my visit, I’ll send you a simple contract. I’m not hard to work with, but if I put you on my calendar, it means I might have turned down someone else, so last minute cancellations on either side aren’t okay. Sometimes weather or events make them impossible. If that’s the case, we’ll work to reschedule.